[special_heading subtitle=”The purpose of the National Youth Leaders Association is to provide a forum for youth leaders to exchange ideas, and promote cohesive working relationships on the local, regional, state and national level. Our main focus is to network and encourage the health of youth ministry as a whole.” text_align=”center” title=”About NYLA” color=”dark” animated=”yes” margin_bottom=”65″]

About North


[icon_box title=”Training” text=”John Maxwell said it best. “Leaders are learners.“ We want to help every youth leader train to be all God wants them to be as a ministry director.” link_title=”More Info” target=”_self” text_style=”fullwidth” style=”centered” icon=”fa-desktop” animated=”yes” animation_delay=”300″]
[icon_box title=”Resourcing” text=”One of the greatest aspects of ministry is resourcing other youth leaders with ideas, concepts, programs, etc., so that they can continue to do the ministry God has called them to.” link_title=”More Info” target=”_self” text_style=”fullwidth” style=”centered” icon=”fa-files-o” animated=”yes” animation_delay=”500″]
[icon_box title=”Connecting” text=”Ministry can be a lonely place. NYLA strives to connect leaders not only at a regional level, but at a national one, so that you can have someone to talk to who understands the ups and downs of leading students.” link_title=”More Info” target=”_self” text_style=”fullwidth” style=”centered” icon=”fa-random” animated=”yes” animation_delay=”700″]
[icon_box title=”Communicating” text=”At the heart, our job is to communicate the love and grace of God. At NYLA, we want to help you communicate this truth effectively and clearly.” link_title=”More Info” target=”_self” text_style=”fullwidth” style=”centered” icon=”fa-bolt” animated=”yes” animation_delay=”900″]
[special_heading subtitle=” The NYLA Conference is a weekend conference for youth leaders that want to grow and be resourced in their ministry. However, just having amazing sessions and to hangout with other leaders isn’t enough. We want each leader to have the opportunity to allow God to speak to them and refresh them for their ministry.” text_align=”center” title=”WHAT IS THE NYLA CONFERENCE?” color=”white” animated=”yes” margin_bottom=”20″]

About North



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[li]Randy Cantrell – @mrrandycantrell
Its been awesome to be at #nylaconf this weekend. We are so humbled and grateful to be a part. #crosspointemusic[/li]

[li]Simone Puccinelli – @SimonePuccinell
#NYLAconf was awesome with the #Union leadership team. Can’t wait till next year![/li]

[li]Kimberly Franklin – @RevDJKim
Heart & Hustle NYLA 2015 – don’t throw in the towel. Great weekend!#nylaconf[/li]

[li]Madison Adkins – @ohhmadz
Wouldn’t want to spend my weekend anywhere else. #nylaconf.[/li]

[li]Shannon Daniels – @danielss123
Awesome time and fantastic speakers . You guys have outdone yourselves. Thanks![/li]


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[special_heading title=”Youth Leader Stats This Month” color=”dark” animated=”yes” margin_bottom=”0″ subtitle=”Isn’t it awesome?”]
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[special_heading title=”Our Lineup” color=”dark” animated=”yes” margin_bottom=”50″ subtitle=”We can’t wait for you to hear these guys!”][team_carousel posts_nr=”5″]
[special_heading title=”Prices” color=”dark” animated=”yes” subtitle=”We have strived to keep this conference as low as possible for you and your team without hindering the quality we can bring! You won’t find a cheaper youth leader conference anywhere!” margin_bottom=”60″]
[pricing_box title=”Single” price=”$60″ featured=”no” button_label=”Register Now” animated=”yes” animation_delay=”100″ features=”ONE PERSON ENTRY” period=”per year” button_url=”https://cmadden86.wufoo.com/forms/nyla-registration/”]
[pricing_box title=”COUPLE” price=”$85″ featured=”no” button_label=”Register Now” animated=”yes” animation_delay=”300″ features=”TWO-PERSON ENTRY” period=”per year” button_url=”https://cmadden86.wufoo.com/forms/nyla-registration/”]
[pricing_box title=”ENTIRE TEAM” price=”$150″ featured=”yes” button_label=”Register Now” animated=”yes” animation_delay=”500″ features=”UNLIMTED ENTRY FOR EVERYONE ON YOUR TEAM” period=”per year” button_url=”https://cmadden86.wufoo.com/forms/nyla-registration/”]
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2:00PM       Registration
4:30PM       Welcome
5:00PM       Lab 1
6:00PM       Lab 2
7:00PM       Session 1


9:00AM       Lab 3
10:15AM       Q&A
11:00AM       Session 2
12:00PM       Lunch and Relax
7:00PM       Session 3


8:00AM       Worship
9:00AM      Session 4
10:30AM       Closing

[special_heading title=”Hotels” color=”dark” animated=”no” margin_bottom=”50″ subtitle=”Obivously, you want to be close to the action.”]

Holiday Inn Pigeon Forge
3230 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37868
(865) 428-2700

The NYLA Conference will be hosted in this hotel. So, if you want a short commute, this is your option.

Hampton Inn & Suites Pigeon Forge
2025 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 428-1600

This hotel is 6 minutes (2.8 miles) from the Holiday Inn.

The Inn on the River
2492 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 428-5500

This hotel is 5 minutes (1.9 miles) away from the conference. It is also the closest hotel to a Starbucks. You’re welcome.

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[special_heading title=”Have Questions?” color=”dark” animated=”yes” subtitle=”If you have any questions, we’ll help you any way we can! ” margin_bottom=”30″]
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